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What Motivates Me

2019-07-04  |   Pramisha Rai - Grade IX Araniko

Motivation is derived from inspiration. There are a lot of things that can motivate someone; from a person in their lives, to the all encompassing and often brutal beauty of nature. Everything can be motivational but different people are motivated by different things. Most people strive for success, whatever it is that ‘success’ might mean to them, because they are motivated by someone or something. But there are only a few people who become the source of motivation for others.


I often ask myself this question,"What motivates me?"  There are a lot of things and various people whom I admire. Various things motivate me to do well in life and to be real. My teachers motivate me to follow the path of truth. My parents motivate me to be kind and respectful of everyone. My sweet friends motivate me to show my real identity, to be the real me. My dear family members motivate me to follow the right path and avoid the wrong ones, to find the difference between what is right and what is wrong. My relatives motivate me to cooperate with everyone. The problems that I face in unfavourable situations motivate me to remain calm and believe in the power of positive thinking. I sometimes motivate myself because I firmly believe that every problem has a solution, however elusive it may seem at first. When I am heart broken because of some failures in my life I become even more motivated, thinking that each failure is just another step towards success.


Like myself, everyone has something that motivates them. When one feels sad and somebody comes to cheer them up, they are motivating them to live a happier life and to forget those past events that makes them sad. Just like I found my motivations, I hope everyone will find theirs as well.