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If I Could Stop Time

2019-07-23  |   Samika Matangi - Grade X Pyramid

If I could stop time, I would use it to live millions of years just reading books and watching television. Every time I got tired in the real world I would stop time so I would never have to worry about alarms. I’d never be late for school. I could take a break anytime, and for however long I wanted to. I would do crazy things like dancing freely in public. I could also find criminals who were in the middle of harassing women when I would stop time and punish them. 


I would set up a social experiment in which I would take everyone's wallet and replace it with a Zip lock bag. Everything in their wallet goes in the bag, it is just the wallet I'm taking. If there wasn’t enough time while I was taking an exam, I would stop time. I would also cheat on every test I would take. If I was about to have an accident I would stop time and save myself from getting injured. I would sleep for as long as I wanted to and generally just be lazy and do stuff I wanted to do by stopping time whenever I felt like it. 


I would do crazy things like walking above the vehicles during traffic jam. I would stop time at the  river and fish. I would also stop time and stop illegal activities whenever I came across them. I would buy some food from the shop or steal some food and give it to the poor. I would stop time when someone was going to fall from a building and save their lives. If the ink in my pen ran out  during examination I would stop time and run to home get more ink. The possibilities are simply endless.


To be honest, I'd probably be the biggest abuser of this power, and I’d use it in just about any way that could possibly benefit me. However, I would try not to do so at the expense of others. Whenever I felt especially magnanimous, I would also do things which would benefit mankind. Afterall, with great power comes great responsibility. Or so they say.